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This website offers an objective view of Naples Florida real estate. Someone unfamiliar with Naples, will probably find the number of property choices staggering, as the breadth and depth of options can seem endless. Here is why:

For some, it will just be a matter of searching for a home anywhere within Naples great semi-tropical weather zone. For others it will be important to be close to those attractions that makes Naples so appealing. And many others will  place the emphasis on the community type and their related amenities (such as golf). For starters begin with the broad categories listed below:

In this overview of Naples FL Real Estate you will find that Naples Florida is not the typical real estate market. The Naples real estate market is driven by second home buyers, not by the local economy.

For Naples, it is all about the Real Estate’s Location. Whether a Naples Real Estate buyer is in the $200k range, or $2 mil, location will be a major factor. Closer to the beach the higher the value.

Why is Naples Florida so Great? Naples FL semi-tropical weather and easy beach access makes it very desirable. Naples is one of the most affluent areas in Florida. It offers beach, boating golf, shopping, dining . . .

Hot! Hot! Hot! This Naples Real Estate Report is updated regularly. It shows trends specific to the Naples real estate market, including sales and values.

Searching Naples Florida Listings with a “Naples Florida” address covers an area the size of Los Angles. It is much easier to search by specific areas within the Naples regions.

There are home choices within a thousand different Naples Florida Neighborhoods. They include beach, boating, golf, condo, and many other communities.

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